Education and Learning: Risky Processes or Imposed Metrix?

Seminar with professor Cathrine Hasse, professor Jan Derry and professor Tim Ingold

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Onsdag 9. december 2015,  kl. 14:00 - 17:00


Room D169, DPU, Tuborgvej 164, 2400 København NV

Educational systems are in a process of economic and technological transformation. Many politicians desire to manage education and expect technologies to be helpful in guiding the efficient learning of children – without defining what learning is.  This kind of reasoning towards the use of outcome metrics to measure the quality of education may be tied to an incomplete understanding of learning processes.

What if the most important things to teach children are too complex or situated in local cultural and material environments to be measured? The question needed to be asked is: do we find metrics capturing the complexity of human learning? Do we find metrics capturing the epistemology of attention and engagements? Do we need a deeper understanding of how humans learn to reason and learn from ‘the inside’ and how is this tied to educational systems?

In today’s talks we shall open for new and more invigorating ways of looking at education. We shall question taken-for-granted inter-relations of pedagogy and knowledge, concept development, philosophy and technology mediated learning. We shall raise new questions about the content and purpose of learning when seen as a risky but rewarding process of human wayfaring with implications for theories of mind and learning activities.


Professor Cathrine Hasse: Posthuman Learning + Questions

Professor Jan Derry: Inferentialism and Learning + Questions

15.45- 16.30
Professor Tim Ingold: Humanifying in Practice: Looking, Listening and the Education of Attention+ Questions


Everyone is welcome. No registration required