Workzone at the Danish School of Education (DPU)


Workzone is a GDPR-secure system that can help ensure that Aarhus University, as a public institution, meets its documentation obligations. All employees are responsible for ensuring these obligations are met.

For members of academic staff (VIP)

Creating a case


Your department administrator for general administration (AAG administrator) / TAP supporter creates and closes cases in Workzone. You just need to complete the form below. You will receive an email once the case has been created, and you can then save emails in and attach documentation to the case.

What do I need to file?

What is my responsibility?

Current legislation and the Quick Guide


  • It is your responsibility to file documents and correspondence in accordance with current legislation.
    You can read more in the Quick guide for researchers.
  • Your AAG administrator / TAP supporter will create the case in Workzone, but you must file emails, documents and any memos from conversations or other correspondence relevant to the case.
  • Once the case is concluded, you must ask your AAG administrator / TAP supporter to close the case.

What are my tasks?

Creating a case


  • To create a case, please complete this form.
  • Your AAG administrator / TAP supporter will send you an email once the case is set up.

Saving emails and other items

  • Save emails from Outlook: Saving Outlook items to cases (
    • According to this website, it is possible to create cases from Outlook. We do not do this at DPU.
    • Before you click “save”, you must select the boxes so that all the sender and recipient information on the email is transferred over to Workzone  
    • Any documents attached to the emails will also be transferred over to Workzone unless you specify otherwise
    • You can highlight multiple emails and file them at the same time
  • Save Outlook events/meetings (including attached documents) in Workzone
    • Open your Outlook calendar
    • Place your cursor over the meeting you would like to save in Workzone (do not open the event/meeting)
    • On the “Appointment” tab, click “save item”
    • Search for the case and save the meeting
    • It is not possible to save calendar emails from Outlook in Workzone.
  • By following the same procedure described above (for emails), you can also save documents from Word, Excel and PowerPoint in Workzone.

If you need to save other documents than those mentioned above in Workzone, please contact your AAG administrator / TAP supporter.    

Changing case details

Please inform your AAG administrator / TAP supporter if you need to make changes to a case, for example:

  • If there are other AU employees who need access to the case.
  • If there are AU employees who need to be taken off the case.
  • If there are external parties who need to be added to the case.
  • If an application is successful and becomes a grant.

If you are no longer the person responsible for the case, for example if you leave AU or change your areas of responsibility.    

Closing a case

  • Please inform your AAG administrator / TAP supporter once a case is concluded.

Where can I get help?

Your AAG administrator / TAP support can help with

  • Creating and administering a case, including changes in external parties or who should have access to the case
  • The user interface more generally
  • What you should and should not save in Workzone
  • Making changes to a case

Find your department administrator / TAP supporter here

DPU´s super users can help with

  • Creating users in Workzone
  • Technical problems with Workzone
  • Introductory courses
  • More advanced Workzone functionalities


You can contact the Workzone Superusers at DPU via: 


    Who are DPU´s super users?

    Your local helpdesk can help with

    • Installation of Office 2016 or Office 365
    • Problems concerning the installation of two-step VPN authentication or Workzone
    • General technical problems    

    Tips & Tricks

    Having technical issues?

    In order to work in Workzone

    • You need to be set up as a Workzone user (contact
    • You need to be connected to AU’s wired network or VPN.
    • The add-ins that allow Outlook to work with Workzone need to be installed on your computer. If they are, you will be able to see one of the following yellow folder icons on the “Home” tab (or, if you are in an email, on the “Message” tab).
    • If you cannot see the Workzone folder in Outlook, you can shut down your computer, restart and log on to the wired network or VPN, wait ten minutes and open Outlook.  The missing Workzone icon should have been reinstalled
    • If you are still unable to save items to Workzone, please send an email to

      The Workzone folders in Outlook look like this:


    See your cases and documents


    • In the Outlook folder “Cases and documents” in the left-hand menu (to a certain extent, you can choose which Workzone cases are shown in the folder by clicking on the “Case” tab in the top menu and then on the icon “Add list”).
    • Via Stifinder  (English version will follow) (here there is also search function)

    Who can see my cases?

    Individual cases are set up so that only the following people can see them and save documents to them:

    • The member of academic staff (VIP) responsible for the case
    • Collaboration partners at AU who, according to the member of academic staff responsible for the case, require access to the case:
      • Internal collaboration partners can be added to the case when the case is created (by completing the case form) or they can be added later by sending an email to the relevant AAG administrator /TAP supporter.
      • Internal partners’ access to the case can be removed by sending an email to the relevant AAG administrator / TAP supporter.
    • Employees at the DPU secretariat:
      • DPU’s department administrators for general administration / TAP supporters who need to be able to create, close and update details in the case.
      • DPU’s super users who need to be able to check that the case has been set up properly and that it contains any access restrictions specified by the member of academic staff responsible for the case.
      • Secretariat manager
      • DPU’s research support team has access to the cases relevant to their areas of responsibility.

    As a further safety precaution, all activities in Workzone are registered in a log. Even though an employee has access to a case, he/she may only look up and work with the information required to carry out his/her duties.    


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