Secretariat staff and their responsibilities

  • Department administrators – general administration (AAG)
    NN: Department of Educational Psychology
    Else Thousig: Department of Educational Philosophy and General Education
    Hanne Ryge Nielsen: Department of Educational Sociology
    Lise Wendelboe: Department of Educational Anthropology
    Lise Wendelboe: Department of Education Studies 
    Natasja Thandi Kappel Pedersen: Department of Educational Theory and Curriculum Studies
  • Department administrators - education (AAU)
    NN: Department of Educational Psychology
    Dan Fog Enevoldsen: Department of Educational Philosophy and General Education
    Dan Fog Enevoldsen: Department of Educational Sociology
    Natasja Thandi Kappel Pedersen: Department of Educational Anthropology 
    Natasja Thandi Kappel Pedersen: Department of Educational Theory and Curriculum Studies
    Lisbeth Helt Haahr: Department of Education Studies
  • Administrators Campus Aarhus
    Bolette Hansen and Susanne Hammer Samuelsen
  • Administrator for Professional Master's degree programmes
    Sine Dybdal Madsen
  • Allocation of rooms list: Heidi Madsen, Emdrup
    DPU, Aarhus: Bolette Hansen
  • Appointments and recommendations:
    Job advertisements, academic staff: Charlotte Fisker Jensen
    Job advertisements, part-time academic staff: Charlotte Fisker Jensen
    Appointments without job advertisements of part-time academic staff on degree programmes (part-time lecturers, teaching assistants and research assistants engaged in teaching only): Charlotte Fisker Jensen
    Appointments without job advertisements of research assistants for research tasks, technical/administrative staff (including student assistants), interns and staff in jobs with salary subsidies: Department administrators
    Appointments of student assistants DPU, Aarhus: Bolette Hansen
  • AV equipment (camera equipment, recorders etc.): can be borrowed from student assistants in room A316, emails to
    DPU, Aarhus: computers, adapters, dictaphones: can be borrowed from student assistants in room 2110-225, emails to
  • Business cards: Order via: Business cards
  • Coffee for meetings: Can be ordered via no later than two working days before the meeting in question. Student assistants make coffee and perform other services for meetings of 5-25 people. If there are more than 25 participants, they order refreshments in the canteen.
    DPU, Aarhus: Order via no later than the day before 12.00. The student assistants make coffee etc. for meetings with fewer than 25 participants. For more than 25 participants and ALL orders with refreshments from the Student Foundation, they will be transferred to the Student Foundation.
  • Conferences, as webinar: contact: Jonas Møller Pedersen
  • Conferences, seminars - less than 25 participants: Please contact your department administrator
  • Conferences - more than 25 participants: Jonas Møller Pedersen
  • Conferences - lunch etc.:  ”Conference and event teamet” by Jonas Møller Pederse
  • The Continuing Education Programme (Danish as 2nd language): Sine Dyddahl Madsen
  • Copyediting: The department’s pool for copyediting articles written in English before submission to international publications is administered by Simon Rolls
  • Courses - internal VIP: Stine Trentemøller
  • Credit cards: Copenhagen: Maibritt Wraa Nielsen / Aarhus: Susanne Hammer Samuelsen
  • Department forum: Secretariat: Charlotte Wilsbech Andersen
  • DPU’s reception, headed by: Else Thousig
  • E-invoicing, INDFAK: Maibritt Wraa Nielsen, Dan Fog Enevoldsen, Iben Nørgaard
    DPU, Aarhus: Bolette Hansen
  • Education consultant: Louise Weinreich Jakobsen: Production of strategies, analyses and background reports, and assistance in connection with appointments for degree programmes
  • Emply Hire (recruiting system): Charlotte Fisker Jensen, Christine Wernberg Dalhoff
  • GDPR: Stine Trentemøller (research), Louise W. Jacobsen (research), Christine Wernberg Dalhoff (administration)
  • Holidays - registation: mails to: (please send any questions to  Heidi Madsen at
  • Homepages: department administrators
  • Invoice forwarding: Maibritt Wraa Nielsen, Iben Nørgaard
  • IT equipment: If you want a new computer, software licences or other IT equipment write to (Heidi Madsen in Emdrup/in Aarhus via Bolette Hansen). Small orders (less than DKK 500) can be made directly at the computer placed in the IT Department's service desk.
  • Job interviews for academic and administrative positions (coordinator): Charlotte Fisker Jensen
    DPU, Aarhus: Bolette Hansen
  • Kitchens (milk, coffee, tea): Copenhagen: / DPU, Aarhus:
  • Management team - meetings: Secretariat: Stig Roesen
  • Mobile phones and IPads: Christine Wernberg Dalhoff
  • Multi-ride tickets/DSB app - for teaching and meetings in Aarhus: Lea Uhlott Noval (room A307f) administer digital multi-ride tickets - or order via
  • Newsletter, internal: Charlotte Wilsbech Andersen, Lise Wendelboe
  • Personal data editors: Heidi Madsen, Lise Wendelboe, Charlotte Fisker Jensen
  • PhD courses and budgets: Hanne Ryge Nielsen
  • PhD dissertations: Copenhagen: Please submit to Maibritt Wraa Nielsen / DPU, Aarhus: Please submit to Minna Elo, PhD administrator, Tåsingegade 3, Building 1443-417, 8000 Aarhus C
  • Photocopying: Student assistants in office A316 ( , tel. 871 63553)
    DPU, Aarhus: Student assistants in office 2110-225
  • Printers (paper, toner): Copenhagen: / DPU, Aarhus:
  • Proofreading (department documents only): Lise Wendelboe, Else Thousig, Iben Nørgaard
  • PURE (research database): Lise Wendelboe
    Campus Aarhus: Susanne Hammer Samuelsen
  • Receptions: (Anniversary, Professortiltrædelse, resignation): The Conference and event team by Tina Hudlebusch
  • Receptions: (Phd defence): Else Thousig
  • RejsUd (travel and expense claim system): Maibritt Wraa Nielsen
  • Research consultants: Henrik Nitschke and Stine Trentemøller: consultants for research and knowledge exchange, cooperation agreements, contracts
  • Scholarship Administration: Iben Nørgaard
  • Secretary for the head of department: Charlotte Wilsbech Andersen (logistics for meetings etc.)
  • Sick, calling in: Mails to: (please send any questions to Heidi Madsen via
  • TAP representative for the Academic Council: Henrik Nitschke
  • TAP representative for AU Election Committee: Bolette Hansen
  • TAP representative in House committee Campus Aarhus: Bolette Hansen and Susanne Hammer Samuelsen
  • TAP representative in House Committee Emdrup: Louise W. Jakobsen and Christine Wernberg Dalhoff
  • TAP representative in the Departmental Counsil: Dan Fog Enevoldsen and Louise W. Jakobsen
  • TAP representative in the Cafeteria Committee:  Christine Wernberg Dalhoff and Tina Hudlebusch
  • Transscriptions: Simon Rolls and Lise Wendelboe can put you in touch with student assistants
  • Travel insurance certificates: Hanne Ryge Nielsen
    DPU, Aarhus: Susanne Hammer Samuelsen
  • Vip-O-Matic: Education and other departmental tasks: Hanne Ryge Nielsen and Charlotte Fisker and Bolette Hansen. Hours spent on external projects: Henrik Nitschke
  • Visiting researchers: Iben Nørgaard
  • Welcoming new members of staff: DPU, Copenhagen: Department administrators, Christine Wernberg Dalhoff
    DPU, Aarhus: Bolette Hansen
  • Word: Super user: Lise Wendelboe
  • Workzone (record-keeping): Super users: Iben Nørgaard, Charlotte Wilsbech Andersen

Updated September 2020