Maya Acharya

Ph.d.-studerende ved afdelingen for pædagogisk antropologi. Per 1/2/20. Campus København.


Hi – my name is Maya and I will be starting as a PhD fellow at The Department of Educational Anthropology this February. As part of a team, I will be researching student movements to decolonise academia in the UK. 

I have a background in Journalism, Culture & Media Studies (Cardiff University) and Gender Studies (University of Amsterdam). After working as a freelance journalist for a few years, I completed an MA in Advanced Migration Studies at The University of Copenhagen.

My research interests are primarily within critical race studies, feminist theory, racialisation in the Nordic context, intimacy, sexuality and affect. I’m Nepalese-Ukrainian and have lived in Copenhagen for the past 4 years. I am very much looking forward to starting and getting to know new colleagues at DPU!