Maja Hojer Bruun

Lektor ved afdelingen for pædagogisk antropologi. Per 1/2/19. Campus Aarhus


Maja Hojer Bruun is an anthropologist and earned her PhD at the University of Copenhagen in 2012. She comes from an associate professorship at the Department of Learning and Philosophy at Aalborg University where she is part of the Techno-Anthropology research group. Her main research interests are in science and technology, political economy, institutions and organisations, culture and learning processes. She has conducted ethnographic fieldwork in Denmark, Russia and Germany. In her current research projects she explores questions of sociality, democracy, ethics and societal interests in relation to emergent technologies such as robots, drones and data systems. She is the organiser of the Research Network for the Anthropology of Technology and principal investigator of the research project "Living Labs: An Interventionist Ethnographic Approach to Technologies of the Future” (2018-2021).

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