Christopher Neil Prilop

Adjunkt i Afdeling for fagdidaktik. Per 01-08-2022. Campus Aarhus

Dear future DPU colleagues,

I look forward to joining the DPU from August 1 as assistant professor for general didactics and empirical school research. I will be moving to Aarhus from Hamburg with my twins and partner.

Before switching to academia, I was a teacher for English and Politics at a public school in Hamburg. I then did my PhD at Leuphana University Lüneburg on the use of classroom videos in digital learning environments for teacher training. In general, my research deals with the (video-based) analysis of differences in expertise between experts and novices in the area of ​​classroom management, teacher-student-feedback and feedback from colleagues. The knowledge gained is incorporated into research interventions on teacher competences.

As of yet, my Danish language skills can be described as suboptimal and definitely not on academic level. As my partner is Danish and my children are growing up bilingual, I have a good understanding of Danish. However, so far I primarily talk about animals, dinosaurs and food with my children – so please bear with me if my Danish will take some time.

I look forward to meet you!