Christelle Plummer

Ph.d.-studerende ved afdelingen for fagdidaktik. Per 1/11/19. Campus Emdrup.


I am currently a PhD student reading in the subject of mathematics education with Deakin University in Australia and Aarhus University in Denmark.

I was born and grew up in Seychelles, received my university education in England and currently live in Adelaide, South Australia. My career in education started as a secondary school teacher of mathematics and science before becoming a teacher-educator in mathematics education.

After moving to Adelaide in 1999 I worked with the Catholic Education Office, initially as a mathematics consultant and later as a senior adviser, working with in-service teachers looking at ways to improve their teaching of mathematics. Finding new ways to improve the teaching and learning of mathematics to enable all children to be successful became a passion of mine.

In certain cases in Australia, teachers do not share a common language with many of the children in their mathematics classrooms. I started questioning the teaching and learning of mathematics in relation to the medium of instruction, especially when it was not the child’s mother tongue or even the teacher’s first language.

In my research I will be extending this work by looking at the influence language has in the teaching and learning of mathematics. Does language play a crucial role in the teaching and learning of mathematics? Can mathematics be taught differently? And if so, how?