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Scholars' Strike For Workplace Control

CHEF lunch talk by Dr. Mara Fidell, University of Manitoba, Canada

08.03.2017 | Lisbeth Kristine Walakira

Dato fre 24 mar
Tid 12:00 13:30
Sted Danish School of Education, Tuborgvej 164, Copenhagen, room D120

In this talk, Dr. Fridell introduces the international context of contemporary Canadian political approaches to post-secondary education transition management, in relation to immigration policy in settler countries, international management, marketing, and institutional and educational software markets' burgeoning involvement in the medical and post-secondary education sectors, and in relation to broad labor-repression initiatives. This contemporary transition will be further contextualized by a very brief historical-comparative account of the social and institutional work of the communities of scholars in contrasting class inequality and citizenship phases, in order to illuminate some of the tactical and strategic opportunities and vulnerabilities in a Canadian university faculty's strike to reclaim workplace control for scholarly integrity.   

Biography: Dr. Fridell was the 2012 cabinet secretary in a central Canadian province, in charge of the education policy portfolio, and as a sociologist at the University of Manitoba, in Fall 2016 she was part of an innovative (in 21st century Canada) faculty strike strictly for workplace control. Dr. Fridell currently serves on the umbrella organization for regional faculty unions.

Seminar, CHEF
Tags: CHEF, Centre for Higher Education Futures, Mara Fidell
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