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A Performativity Analysis of Graduate Employment Statistics

Work-In-Progress Seminar with PhD Student Miriam Madsen.

24.08.2018 | Lise Wendelboe

Dato ons 19 sep
Tid 10:30 12:30
Sted Room D118 (Emdrup), DPU, Tuborgvej 164, Copenhagen NV - with videolink to room 1483-525 (Aarhus), DPU, Jens Chr. Skous Vej 4, Aarhus C

PhD Student Miriam Madsen, Department of Education Studies, will introduce her preliminary analysis strategy and analysis of the constitutive effects of Graduate Employment Statistics on university education.

Opponents: David Reimer and Malou Juelskjær

Supervisors: Gritt B. Nielsen and Katja Brøgger

Everyone are welcome.

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